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Construction works on tallest building in Kenya on track

Construction works on tallest building in Kenya is on track. The 70-floor mixed-use twin tower development dubbed Pinnacle Towers is located in Nairobi’s Upperhill area and will cost a whopping US$ 194m for it to be complete.

It will encompass a 45-floor Hilton hotel that is being developed by Hass Petroleum and White Lotus Group and at 900 feet; the building will have the highest viewing deck in Africa.

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There will also be 200 residential houses ran by Hilton Hotel that will include one bedroom, two bedrooms, and three bedroom fully furnished luxury apartments.

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“Pinnacle Towers will also have a helipad at over 800 feet, making it the highest on the continent. We thought it wise to put the helipad here so that people can fly directly to the hotel and beat Nairobi’s hectic traffic,” Hass Petroleum Executive Chair, East and Central Africa Abdinasir A. Hassan said during the laying of the foundation.

To this point, the developers have spent US$ 14m in the construction of the foundation and preparation stage. The total cost will be fully funded through equity and debt.

Pinnacle Towers will be among the tallest buildings in the world with Dubai’s Burj Khalifa being the tallest currently at 800M, Malaysia’s Petronas Towers stands at about 400M which compares well with The Pinnacle’s 300M.

The mega development is projected to be complete by December 2019, although the 255-room hotel may be completed earlier.

About White Loftus Group

White Lotus Group is an American vertically integrated Real Estate Development Firm which optimizes design, financing, implementation, delivery, and operation of complex or re-purposed real estate assets.

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  1. Perhaps the much talked about ”real-estate bubble” put the project on hold, evidenced by the many towers in upper hill that aren’t even half-way occupied(some even below) …from Uap towers, flamimgo, kcb, britam..perhaps it lead to a push of it’s commencement date. Such investors wouldn’t pour money blindly without a feasibility study.Still a Nice project though given the beuty it would add to nairobi’s skyscraper landscape.

  2. This project would have placed Kenya high on the African and global map. However, I guess we have no foresight on how this would have benefited the country. This is one project that the powers that be would have made sure was given as many incentives as possible to ensure its realized. However, I suppose the powers that be have other priorities such as digging their dark evil talons into the coffers of the investors.

  3. what happened to the construction of this hyped tallest building,the place appears deserted months after its construction launch.


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