Firm to construct power plant at Kenya’s Dandora dumpsite

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Kenya has finally found a financier to set up a US 2.5 million power plant at the brim-full Dandora dumpsite and achieve garbage in the “dirty city”.

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The original German investor, Sustainable Environment Management UG, pulled out last year.
“We already have a service provider who will construct a US 2.5 million plant to recycle the waste and generate electricity,” Kidero said at the Railways Club.

Devoid of naming the investor, Kidero said the county has signed a 15-year agreement to set up a plant to sort out and recycle the waste.Construction is to begin in the ensuing fiscal year.

The plant will generate 40MW every day.The dumpsite was full more than 20 years ago. The county now compresses waste to increase capacity by five years.

Kidero said the plant will remove the requisite to relocate the dumpsite by investing in renewable energy.

The Auditor General stated the German firm pulled out because the county did not have a title deed for the land.

But Kidero said the firm could not raise the essential funding.
Lands executive Christopher Khaemba said last year the county did not have title but could obtain one if there was a serious investor.

Attempts to relocate the dumpsite to Ruai miscarried after the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority said it would draw birds and pose a danger of bird hits.

That would jeopardize flights at JKIA.Talking of the garbage nuisance, Kidero said his administration has managed the trash and impugned opponents for lying that the capital is staggering in garbage.

“When we came in, merely 300 tons of garbage was being collected. Now we are collecting 2,400 tonnes daily,” he said.

“When we came, there were simply 15 lorries, now we have over 100 and 15 contractors. Somebody just needs to go to Dandora and see.”