Kenya to construct the largest CBD mall space in Nairobi

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Kenya is set to construct the largest mall space on the periphery of Nairobi’s City Centre by British architecture firm aLL Design and Nanyuki Cedar Mall developer Kiloran Development Group.

Marcos Rosello, co-founder of aLL Design confirmed the reports and said that the development will become a retail leisure destination in its own right and also have offices.

The shopping mall which will be named ‘The Beacon’ will be set on a site off the east of Uhuru Highway towards Bunyala Road roundabout. It will be 28,500 square metres (306,771 square feet).

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The largest mall space

The mall is said to, be the largest mall space in the City Centre as most large malls are usually found closer to residential areas as opposed to the Central Business District (CBD).

“We were intrigued by Kiloran’s ideas for this mall in Nairobi and are pleased to be able to create an open-air mall with a focus on sustainability, fun and family which we believe to be key drivers of future international mall designs,” said Marcos Rosello.

The mall will sit on its prime retail pitch immediately between major employment zones — the CBD, the Industrial Area and Upper Hill — thus broadening the localized leisure offer to encourage longer dwell time at the mall by visiting families with children, teenagers and young people.

aLL Design’s first project

This is aLL Design’s first project in Africa and the second shopping centre-led development for Kiloran LLP, who have offices in both London and Nairobi.

The mixed use space will feature a shopping centre and Grade A office project. It will have 24,300 square metres of retail, food and beverage along with a 4,200 square metre, seven-storey office tower overlooking the mall’s roof garden and bar. The shopping mall according to the architect will be completed in 2020.


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  1. Great idea.I long to see the Architectural designs posted.I believe there will be need for a slip road extended to the new mall between Haile selassie Avenue and Bunyala road to ease the entry of shoppers from Uhuru Highway.Likewise two interchanges at Bunyala and Lusaka Road roundabouts,would do great good to the new and current investors if suggested to KenHA.

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  2. Insightful read.
    I am trying to get the website of kiloran llp and its not easy to gind. Kindly send it to me of you have it
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