Kenya to construct US $157m desalination plants

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Kenya is set to construct two US $157m desalination plants in Mombasa. This in response to the water crisis that has interfered with the supply of clean drinking water in the county.

Spanish company Almar Water Solutions company and Switzerland’s Aqua Swiss have been awarded the contracts to build the desalination plants.

One of the plants which will be built by Almar water will have the capacity to hold 100,000 cubic meters per day of drinking water; and the second one which will be situated in Likoni, will have the capacity to hold 30,000 cubic meters. This one will be constructed by Aqua Swiss. The plants will be able to provide over one million locals with drinking water and will be managed for 25 years.

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Water crisis

According to Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho, due to the increase in population nationwide, the demand for water has risen as supply from nearby counties is shifting. The governor has acknowledged that the county needs more water supply. “Currently the demand stands at 200,000 cubic meters against a supply of 42,000 meters,” he added.

Almar Water CEO, Carlos Cosín appeared positive in with the government to build up this vital project. He also stated that the locals are expected to receive water by 2021 after completion.

According to a statement from Almar Water Solutions, the contract will give a boost Kenya in terms of development and improvement in African continent’s infrastructure network. These will be the very first desalination plants in Kenya.


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  1. Great, the first water desalination set up in Europe was built up in Marbella, Spain in the year 1997. The project investment was 40 million euros and allows a sufficient production of drinking water to supply a population of 400,000 people. I live in this city and we are all very happy. Go head Kenya!!!

  2. In case there is room for involvement of a expert from the region, please do not hesitate.

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