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Uganda begins demarcating Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) line route

The Government of Uganda has started demarcating the route on which the anticipated Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) line is set to pass.

The demarcation exercise, which is expected to mark out the entire path from Malaba to Kampala, began in the village of Bulaka in Namutumba district and will cover different areas in Bukedi and Busoga Sub-regions before heading to other districts.

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The demarcation exercise

Speaking during the launch of the demarcation exercise in Bulaka village, Namutumba Sub-county over the weekend, Eng. Canon Perez Wamburu, the SGR project coordinator, said that the exercise was meant to protect the route from encroachment in preparation for the handover of the project soon to the contractor so that construction can begin without any hindrances.

“The demarcation exercise is necessary to keep people off from the acquired land. We have noticed in the past that even after compensation, some come back and start their farming, construction, brick making and other human activities on what is now a government property.” Wamburu said.

Project funding

Eng. Canon Perez Wamburu further dismissed the ongoing allegations that the SGR project had failed and said that it is wrong because the government of Uganda under President Museveni is doing everything in its capacity to make this project a reality.

He said the government has already re-submitted a loan application to the Exim Bank of China through Ministry of Finance to get resources to fund the exercise.

“We cannot tell for sure when the funds are going to be released because the bank is unpredictable, but we are pushing and hopefully soon, we will hand over the project to China Harbor Engineering Company so that they can begin their work.” the SGR project Coordinator clarified.

Recently, the project management team met district leaders from where the Standard Gauge Railway alignment traverses to update them on the status of the project.


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