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US construction firm shows interest in funding Kenya’s Six-Lane highway

Construction of Kenya’s six-lane highway  moved a notch higher after Kenyan and US government and a California-based construction and engineering firm Bechtel held a successful meeting.

Head of the US government’s Overseas Private Investment Corporation (Opic) Elizabeth Littlefield  and Bechel  signed what they called a letter of interest regarding Kenya’s Six-Lane highway  that is Nairobi-Mombasa highway project on the sidelines of the US-Africa Business Forum in New York early this week.

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The is one of the largest world’s largest engineering and construction companies that is have been currently involved in the financial discussion and they have the higher possibility of clinching the deal as they are well established in terms on construction using the latest technology.

Currently the US Export-Import Bank has thrown its weight behind Bechtel to ensure that they secure investment for the 485-kilometre expressway.

The anticipated project is expected to ease up the transport situation between Kenya’s main port of Mombasa and cities throughout East Africa.

The project is expected to boost the current government’s agenda in streamlining the transport industry which is currently struggling.

“With the support of the US government agencies such as Opic and the Export-Import Bank, we can provide solutions to move this critical project forward quickly with a high standard of quality and safety,” said Andrew Patterson, Bechtel’s regional president for Africa.

The Obama administration’s move to help Bechtel secure a deal to build the road coincides with the opening in Nairobi of an Opic office.

The agency’s new regional headquarters in Kenyan capital Nairobi will facilitate US businesses’ participation in infrastructure development throughout East Africa.

The ministry of transport announced the tender and is expedite to cost the government about 14 million dollar.

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  1. I recently traveled to Mombasa,the road is so busy. I think since the SGR has not started operation, a superhighway to Mombasa will be fine. Big question is whether this multi-million dollar project will really kick off.

  2. Great news! hopefully they prioritize Nairobi- Nakuru though, as Mombasa-Nairobi already has SGR


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