King Salman International Airport project awards design contract

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The King Salman International Airport project has officially awarded its design contract to Foster + Partners. The UK-based architectural company won the design contract for the airport through an international competition. 

As per the contract, the British architecture studio will be responsible for the design and development of the six-runway airport. The mega-complex will span a total area of 57 kilometers squared, approximately. It will feature six parallel runways that include the existing terminals, named after King Khalid.

The airport’s architectural design is driven by Saudi identity and culture. It will remodel the traditional terminal as a single concourse loop that is served and accompanied by multiple entrances. The design contract’s scope of work will also include, the company designing 12 kilometers squared recreational as well as residential facilities.

More on the design of the project

Additionally, the architectural studio will also design retail stores alongside airport support facilities. Furthermore, the project aims to offer passengers the sensory experiences of the city. Therefore, it will feature tempered lights, natural elements as well as state-of-the-art facilities.

While commenting on the project, which draws inspiration from the textures and colors of the desert landscape, Luke Fox, the head of the studio assured that the company will give the project their ultimate expertise and commitment. 

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King Salman International Airport to connect 180 Million Passengers

Upon completion, the King Salman International Airport project will enable the mega-complex to function as a global logistics hub. Additionally, it will serve as a bridge, that connects well over 180 million passengers from the West with the East, and vice versa. As a result, it will stimulate trade and tourism as well as transport.

Impressively, the King Salman International Airport will be one of the largest, on a global scale.