Landfill remediation project tender launched for 100 MW solar farm in Bahrain

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A tender contract for the landfill remediation project has officially been launched in preparation for a 100 MW solar farm in Bahrain. The tendering process has been launched by the Electricity and Water Authority (EWA) of Bahrain.

The landfill’s location is within the southern governorate of Bahrain, Askar. The scope of the project features the design as well as the construction of a landfill gas treatment and extraction system. The system will strive to meet and surpass the requirements of environmental standards. Moreover, it will adhere to standards as per the Supreme Council of Environment requires.

Additional works for the preparation of the 100 MW solar farm in Bahrain

The landfill remediation project will also feature site investigations. The assessments are to ensure that the site will meet the performance specification requirements. Furthermore, it will include the development of an efficient drainage system to ensure site readiness.

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The project will also include environmental monitoring of the site. This will range from air emissions, leachate, and landfill gas treatments as well as groundwater contamination. The agreed monitoring will be in particular intervals until 12 months following the conclusion of the landfill site remediation.

Following the confusion of the landfill remediation project, the two-square-kilometer plot will facilitate a solar project. The solar farm will output a minimum capacity of well about 100 megawatts.

Remarks on the project

The President of The Electricity and Water Authority spoke about the project. Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed said that the country remains committed to the COP26 objectives.

Thus, the landfill site’s conversion is but one f the many steps towards the execution and realization of the objective.