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The design tender for the recently launched AlShahd City 3 development project in Jordan has been awarded. Awarded to Dar al Omran by Nobles Properties, the tender also includes supervision over the project’s infrastructure works. The agreement’s signing was between Hani Nazzal and Wael Qassem, who are both managing directors within the two firms.

Dar al Omran, which is a reputable engineering consultant, will provide infrastructure and engineering solutions for the AlShahd city 3 development. The works will include water and electricity systems, pavements, and a road network.

Overview of the AlShahd 3 development project 

AlShahd 3 development project lays off AIrport road, right behind the Middle East University. Thus, in the nation’s capital, it is strategically located near the Amman Development Corridor intersection.

It features six commercial plots and 90 residential plots. Moreover, it will feature a community garden that includes picnic areas, and a playground alongside pedestrian walkways. Owners will receive access to their plots through a private main gate. Additionally, the mixed-use development project will have a secure outer fence. This infrastructure will be complemented by security monitoring systems operating on a 24-hour basis.

The Nobles Group Chairman commented on the project. Omar Ayesh said that the development reflects a ‘unique approach to the residential landscape in Jordan’. He gave assurance that the AlShahd 3 will adhere to the highest of standards. 

Reported earlier 

May 2022

Infrastructure work for AlShahd 2 project in Jordan Completed

The infrastructure works for the AlShahd 2 Project in Jordan have been completed according to the business unit of Nobles Properties, an international real estate development company that owns, develops, and manages commercial, residential, and mixed-use real estate around the world – including the US, UAE, Jordan, and Turkey. 

The Chairman of Nobles Group Board of Directors, Omar Ayesh, congratulated the project team on its timely completion of the infrastructure works for the AlShahd 2 project which reportedly complies with the Ministry of Local Administration’s requirements.

Ayesh stated that accomplishing such a milestone is a significant continuation of projects in the Jordanian real estate market that has been successfully developed.

Overview of the infrastructure work for the AlShahd 2 project in Jordan

The infrastructure works for the AlShahd 2 project in Jordan included rehabilitation of the surrounding road network, the building of a community garden, gates, and pedestrian pathways, as well as concrete curbs to the road network and planted greenery, which reflects Nobles Properties policy of ensuring sustainability is an integral part of its projects.

The managing director at Nobel Properties, Wael Qassem assured that the company made use of the application of the highest technical standards alongside finishing right within schedule.

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Within just days of a private offering to existing clients, Nobles announced that it had completely sold out the AlShahd 2 project units. Wael made an assurance that the company is now focused on completing the required paperwork for handing over the plots to their respective owners.

The AlShahd 2 project is just but the beginning for the real estate developer as preparations are already underway for the sale of Alshahd plots during May. 

Jun 2022

AlShahd City 3 Residential Project Launched in Jordan

The AlShahd City 3 residential project has officially been launched. The project has been launched by Nobles Properties, an international holding company with interests in the real estate, automotive, and technology sectors.

The project covers a total land area of 73,000 square meters.  Noble Properties acquired the asset from a Jordanian bank, the second-largest financial institute in Jordan. The project features 90 residential plots and six commercial plots.

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Additionally, the project’s developer will integrate more infrastructure works into the project. This will include sidewalks, a road network as well as utilities. The project will also include a community garden. The garden will feature pedestrian walkways, picnic areas as well as a playground. Residents will be able to access their homes through a private main gate. 

AlShahd City 3 residential project aims for leisure, comfort & tranquillity

The Managing Director of Nobles, Wael Qassem stated that the project aims to be a safe, gated, and secure community. Thus, the community will be secured with an outer fence. For added security, the community will be surrounded by security monitoring systems. The monitoring systems will operate on a 24-hour basis.

He added that the AlShahd City 3 residential project has been designed to ensure residents receive the best. This, Wael explained would be an environment that offers as much leisure, comfort, and tranquillity as possible. Wael concluded by revealing that they will also construct a commercial complex on the outskirts of the project. The commercial complex will be set to serve the surrounding area as well as residents.