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Lumumba Regional Referral Hospital construction in progress

Recently, Zanzibar President Hussein Mwinyi inspected the ongoing work on the Lumumba Regional Referral Hospital construction project, in the Gulioni area. The cutting-edge facility, according to him, will significantly improve the delivery of healthcare services in the Isles once it is completed.

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He claimed that having the best hospital in the Unguja Urban-West Region will make the people proud.

So far, according to Dr. Mwinyi, the contractors are doing a good job.

He said that it is crucial that the contractors keep up a good pace while complying with standards and providing value for money.

President Mwinyi remarked that Lumumba Hospital is expected to serve as a national referral hospital. This will be soon after the government begins the extensive renovation of its current national referral hospital at Mnazi-Mmoja in April next year.

The weight of congestion at Mnazi-Mmoja will be reduced significantly when the Lumumba Regional Referral Hospital begins operating, he noted.

The government, according to him, will make sure the hospital has all the necessary medical equipment.

How the hospital will impact women

Expectant women will soon be able to deliver from their local areas rather than the current routine of traveling to Mnazi Mmoja. This is according to Dr. Mwinyi, who claimed that all districts will soon have modern medical facilities.

He added that the government was also building a bigger hospital than Lumumba Regional Referral Hospital in the Binguni area.

President Mwinyi responded to the complaints made by garage owners close to the site where Lumumba Hospital is being set up. He urged them to abide by the directive to vacate the area.

All those affected by the exercise, according to him, will receive compensation. Additionally, they will be relocated to a different location where they can operate. 

Nassor Ahmed Mazrui, the Minister of Health for Zanzibar, stated that the hospital was scheduled to open at the end of January 2019. He claimed that it will officially open in April. This comes as a result of delays in the delivery of construction supplies as well as other equipment from abroad.

The Lumumba Regional Referral Hospital construction cost

Mazuri said that the hospital will employ at least 400 people, and its construction will cost $22.4 billion.

When the hospital is complete, according to the minister, it will be able to give all patients high-quality healthcare.

Initially, the project manager from Hub Construction, Habib Nuru, stated that the hospital would have 240 patient beds. Nuru said that the medical sections will have contemporary equipment. These will include labor and delivery rooms, laboratories, children’s wards, and emergency services.

He noted that the COVID-19 pandemic slowed down the flow of goods in some countries. It was also the reason for the equipment they ordered from South Korea arriving later than expected.

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