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New mega-max size STS gantries delivered at Tanger Med port terminal 3

Two new mega-max size ship-to-shore (STS) gantries, which are a part of a series of 8 gantry cranes in total, have been delivered at the recently opened container terminal 3 of Tanger Med port in Morocco.

The cranes have an outreach of 72 meters, a lift height over the rail of 54 meters, a span of 30.48, and a back reach of 22 meters. Their Safe Working Load (SWL) under a twin-lift spreader is 65 tonnes.

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The SWL, which is also known as the Normal Working Load (NWL), is the maximum safe force that a piece of lifting equipment, device, or accessory can apply to lift, suspend, or lower, a given mass without the alarm of breaking.

The ultra-large STS cranes, according to the manufacturer, are future-proofed. They can cater for vessels with up to 26 rows stowed across the deck, and they include fiber optic cores in the cabling, fault monitoring, and remote diagnostics.

The STS’s supplier

The cranes, which now brings the operational capacity of the new terminal to over 1.5m TEUs at least per year, were ordered from Liebherr, a German-Swiss multinational equipment manufacturer based in Bulle, Switzerland, by Tanger Alliance, the concessionaire of Container Terminal 3 and a joint venture formed by Marsa Maroc (50%), Eurogate Group and Contship Italia (40%) and Hapag-Lloyd (10%).

“The handover of these cranes to Tanger Alliance is a key moment for the entire Tangier-Med Port Complex. We look forward to seeing the alliance maximize the cranes potential, and we can confirm that its investment will be rewarded with peak productivity, low operating costs, and the certainty that the cranes will be available when needed to work on the world’s largest ships for many years to come,” said Gerry Bunyan, Global Sales and Marketing Manager for Liebherr Container Cranes.


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