SGTM-Somagec?consortium to construct Dakhla Atlantic Port in Morocco

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SGTM-Somagec consortium, which comprises SGTM (Societé Générale des Travaux du Maroc) and Somagec construction firm both of which are based in Morocco, has been selected as the sole candidate for the final stages of the tender for construction of Dakhla Atlantic Port in the North African country.

This was recently announced by Morocco’s Ministry of Equipment, Transport, and Logistics. The SGTM-Somagec consortium, which competed against Greek-owned Archirodon Group, French contractor Eiffage and Egypt’s Arab Contractors, will now undergo a technical and financial review before the completion of the deal.

Scope of the project

Dakhla Atlantic Port is a flagship project within the North African Country’s development plans for its southern provinces and the 2030 National Ports strategy that includes the construction of six ports.

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It involves the construction of a deep-water port on Dakhla-Oued Eddahab’s Atlantic coast that will feature three components: a -16 m/zh deep commercial port with a capacity of 2.2 million tonnes, a port dedicated to coastal and deep-sea fishing with a capacity of handling nearly one million tonnes of seafood per year, and a port dedicated to the shipbuilding industry.

An industrial-logistics zone of 1,650 hectares will support the port which aims to offer quality industrial and logistical services.

Importance of the port project

The Dakhla Atlantic Port project is of strategic importance for the North Africa region and Morocco’s southern provinces, including  Dakhla-Oued Eddahab, as it will support the region’s economic, social, and industrial development through fisheries, agriculture, mining, energy, tourism, trade, and industry sectors.

It will also provide the region with a modern logistics tool, and contribute to Morocco’s aim to be an international “gateway to Africa” as it will serve as the first entry point for international shipping companies targeting the North African region and beyond.

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