6,000km road linking Mombasa to Lagos to be constructed

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Recently appointed as the African Union special envoy for infrastructure development in the continent Raila Odinga has announced plans to construct a 6,000km road linking Mombasa in Kenya to Lagos in Nigeria in bid to link Africa through modern highways and railways.

The opposition leader, indicated that linking  Kenya to Nigeria via road will be among his priorities as African Union’s high representative of infrastructure and development. He intends to oversee construction of 60,000km highways linking the entire continent and the Trans-African highway project commissioned in 1971 to open up continent for trade.

“Primary projects will be an 8,000 kms highway linking Cairo (Egypt) to Dakar in Senegal. Another 8,0000 kms road will stretch from Cairo and Cape Town (South Africa). A 6,000kms road linking Mombasa (Kenya) to Lagos (Nigeria) is part of this ambitious project,” said Raila Odinga.

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Road infrastructure

President Uhuru while congratulating Raila on the new appointment said the position would be beneficial to Kenya.

Raila who said he accepted the role by AU because he believed land transport was an integral part of the continent’s economic growth added he intended to have another 4,700kms road between Dakar and Lagos built. He explained that out of nine highways proposed over four decades ago, only the 4,500kms road between Dakar and N’Djamena in Chad had been constructed.

“My belief is that having reliable road infrastructure and railways linking all corners of Africa will open up the continent and make it a gateway to the 21st century. Through my new position I am determined to take Africa to economic independence,” affirmed Raila.


36 thoughts on “6,000km road linking Mombasa to Lagos to be constructed”

  1. I hope this highway will not pass anywhere closer to Nairobi-Nakuru highway, where you could spend two nights when circumstances call for it

  2. so many pessimistic comments. This is it. a very brilliant idea. from cape town to Cairo its 10,000KM

  3. Guys I think you didn’t understand baba’s new appointment; he is AU’s High representative for infrastructure and development hence the construction of these super highways connecting our continent is comprehensively great.

  4. this kind of construction will encourage highway robbery and sow down if not stop the expected boom in intracontinental trade. I think its about time African takes a look at the highways ways in the North America and Europe and apply the same safeguards which stop Highway robbery almost by 100%. I know many people reading this comment might have driven on these highways but have never bothered to understand why highway robbery is almost completely absent. The highway safety in these two continents is one major reason high level of economic activity between their countries. So long as armed gangs can attack vehicles on any highway trade will freeze immediately and the economic benefits of the highway will never be realized. Given the insecurity in most of the countries this trans African highway will run through, there can never be enough highway patrol to stop crime on them. AND YET THE SOLUTION IS JUST THERE – which can guarantee almost 100% safety from armed robbery. It does not need money to implement and even maintain it when implemented. Unfortunately I have never seen any African country apply this very low tech but 100% effective crime stopping mechanism. It works 24hrs a day 7/7 all year round.

  5. Better talk of railway than roads to connetc Africa we need a standard railway cos it’s quick and affordable. Imagine driving 6000kms by road. Mr RAO go back to sleep and dream again

  6. This is the kind of stupidity that happens on a continental scale and nobody opposed his plan? How can you build a road from Kenya to Lagos when you can just building a rail line instead for much less? When will Africans stop thinking cars are faster than trains?

  7. Achieving such a laudable project would make you the greatest African and a true man of the people. How is this going to be financed?

  8. Why are all roads linking to west Africa we need a road from Nairobi to Morocco and across the Mediterranean to Europe it will be easier to get to Europe by road.

  9. Raila will perform. I really trust this guy when it comes to development issues. All the best baba.

  10. Good plans. This is actually contained in AU Blue Print Document on infrastructure to connect the entire Africa. The thing is whether RAO can manage to oversee the implementation.

  11. Where does the money for come from, or we will be going to EU with our begging bowl or let China come and capture us?

  12. I believe in his determination that he will open up the Kenya’s economy and even boost it. I believe if we get rid of these Chinese taking over Kenya’s economy as well as exploiting and extracting the little value that Kenyans possess in their pockets. Right now the values, resources and surpluses are flowing from Kenya to the core of China,,This means that we are loosing much of our capital which instead could have circulated within the economy itself and the Kenya’s currency will appreciate compared to that of China which will depreciate…..I think BABA Should address this issue also.

  13. Before Lagos, just Mombasa to nairobi is suffering 490km takes more than 8hurs. Let’s be realistic and wake up. Clean your house before you talk to your neighbors

  14. That’s a long shot but if achieved it will open up trade in Africa for a brighter future.

    Its good to be ambitious, but I personally think it wont be viable while he is still in the office. But he can leave the blue print for the incoming officers to actualize it. Maybe in the next 20 years.

  15. Madyegasva,
    please; 6000km links Mombasa to Lagos.
    60,000 km is the entire continent of African highways to be constructed.

  16. Wow,can’t wait to see the ambitious mega African projects and after these roads are complete if I will be of good health and strong by then, I would love to drive from Kenya to Nigeria then to South Africa and back to Kenya.
    Congratulations baba even for thinking…

  17. Someone should tell the two presidents that in the 21st century rail and air will be the fastest transportation system. Rural roads is the grassroots dividend of democracy to the masses in the transit to urbanisation. Let both countries demonstrate rural roads achievements then the world will appreciate this dream of Mombasa to Nigeria.

  18. RAO in my vision there are three main agendas 1.Infrastructure 2. Infrastructure 3. INFRASTRUCTURE!

  19. The story has too many confusing typos and needs thorough editing. The linking highways idea is a commendable one and is set to revamp inter-Africa trade.

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