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Abuja Airport’s new Terminal to begin operation this October

The Federal Government of Nigeria has revealed the new terminal at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja is will commence operation in October this year.

According to Saleh Dunoma, the Managing Director of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), the terminal will be put to use in order to decongest the old terminal, which is now overstretched as a result of the increase in passenger traffic.

Dunoma, further added that by the end of August, work will be concluded at the new terminal and it will also be opened for service. The major works to be done will be to connect the new terminal to the old one in order to have seamless passenger movement, adding that even though, the new terminal was designated for travellers on international destinations.

“We are pressing the contractor to finish everything in August, so that by October we can start operation in the building. So, we are working together – both the contractor, FAAN and all those involved in the project, to ensure that we meet our target,” said Dunoma.

He said the structures, which inhibited the use of the new terminal like the fire service building located very close to the facility, and the control tower, which is blocked by the terminal would be removed in the second phase of the work. The terminal can also be put in use while plans are made to remove the structures.

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Power supply

In order to have uninterrupted power and water supply to the new facility, the FAAN managing director said the minister of the federal capital territory had directed that the airport should be connected to the central electricity and water system, adding that government had already approved funds for independent power supply.

“We have started the process of connecting the power system. The Minister of Federal Capital Territory had instructed that the airport should be connected to the city mains electric system and power system. Also government has approved money for the supply of independent power supply for the entire airport. So, when these are completed by October the terminal will become functional. That is when we shall start using the terminal,” said Dunoma.


He explained that out of the five new terminals being built at the airports in Kano, Abuja, Lagos, Enugu and Port Harcourt, the Abuja airport will kick off first, followed by that of Port Harcourt, which is at the same level of completion with the Abuja facility.

“Abuja and Port Harcourt will start first. Their completion is at the same level but there is so much traffic in Abuja. It will ease traffic if we start Abuja first. So our intention is to start Abuja. Port Harcourt is gradually coming up,” he said.

The Abuja new terminal is one of the four airport facilities being built by the Chinese with US $500m loan secured by the federal government, which paid US $100m counterpart fund for the projects.

Dorcas Kang'ereha
Editor/ Business Developer at Group Africa Publishing Ltd


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