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Nigeria to become Africa’s mobile phones manufacturing hub

Nigeria is on the path to become  Africa’s mobile phones manufacturing hub  after mobile maker InnJoo announced that it plans to construct a phone manufacturing and assembling plant in the country.

According to the company, the initiative will assist in promoting technology transfer and open a new vista of employment and other openings for the youth in the region since a vast population of energetic young men and women in the country remains strategic for its business.

The President of the firm, Mr. Jack Injoo who spoke during the launch of the Injoo Max 3 phablet in Lagos, Nigeria confirmed the reports and said that the importance of location to the firm’s business underscored the first international launch of the new device in the country.

“Setting up a manufacturing plant in Nigeria is part of our agenda because I not only believe in building after-service centres but also manufacturing and assembling plants which is somehow important as a mark of our commitment to the market and the people. By doing so, we will be complementing the Federal Government’s efforts in supporting the youth by creating jobs. We want to continue to be alive in Nigeria, extend our reach to all parts of the country,” Mr. Injoo said.

He further pointed out that the firm has performed well in most of the countries like in Saudi Arabia, which is its main market, Egypt and the Gulf region where it has been able to grab a whopping four per cent of the market share in a very short time.

“Nigeria is a strategic market for our business in Africa and that is why we have launched this product globally for the first time with Nigeria as the first place. My objective is to acquire about five per cent within the shortest possible time,” he said.

They are currently focusing on Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Port Harcourt and other major cities in the country and then they will start spreading out.

With a population estimated to be over 173 million, Nigeria plans of becoming Africa’s mobile phones manufacturing hub is likely to succeed.

Nigeria to become Africa's mobile phones manufacturing hub


  1. That is true .We will do the necessary changes. But you know it is Injoo that will be manufacturing phones in Nigeria. So the technology will be from Injoo. Mobile phone devices by Injoo have gained major traction in the country.

  2. that’s _the_ point – you did not put neither sufficient picture description under it nor credits for author, which suggests deceptive use of picture. The photo has some particular factory features which makes it outstanding, so whatever starts in Nigeria it won’t be that for tens of years, yet you use words like “manufacturing hub” et al. Cheers.

  3. This is a just a photo to represent the possible factory,not the real factory in Nigeria.

  4. And here in Finland people from Nokia have laugh at this post – the factory on the photo is NOT African but the Nokia factory in Finnish town of Salo. We realize it is pretty much impossible to make photos of non-existing factory, yet if you pretend to be civilized, you must explain what is on picture and give credit to author (you have paid author, haven’t you?).


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