Plans announced for construction of US$ 16M Discover customer care center in Whitehall

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Plans have been announced for the construction of a US$ 16M Discover customer care center in Whitehall. The plans were announced by Discover, a leading digital banking and payments service company.

As part of the project, a 103,000-square-foot building at 4590 E Broad Street will undergo renovation beginning in the spring.

In addition to the construction of the customer care center, the company intends to train and hire residents of Whitehall and the surrounding areas as agents. The exercise is set to begin early next year and is expected to increase Discover’s workforce footprint in Ohio as a result.

Discover customer care center in Whitehall, a component of Discover’s strategic site selection methodology

The launch of the Discover customer care center in Whitehall is a component of Discover’s strategic site selection methodology. It aims to improve chances for high-quality employment in addition to boosting equity in the communities where Discover operates.

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The company already employs 2,100 employees, primarily in the Columbus Region. These employees work at the Discover data center in Columbus Region, Central Ohio. The region is home to international financial institutions, domestic insurance companies, and financial technology firms. However, finance and insurance make up the largest private sector by economic output.

Franklin County, where Whitehall is located, is thought to be home to 1,310,300 people.

Commentary on the new Discover Customer Care Center in Ohio

Investing in Whitehall and creating employment in areas that need them most advances our purpose of assisting people in achieving more prosperous futures. This is according to Roger Hochschild, CEO, and president of Discover.

“We look forward to engaging with Whitehall officials. In addition, we hope investment here sparks more economic growth in the neighborhood,” concluded the CEO.

Mayor of Whitehall, Kim Maggard, on the other hand, said, “We appreciate Discover’s investment in our thriving community. Moreover, we look forward to witnessing the difference they make when they collaborate with other local businesses to build a better future for our inhabitants.

The company’s continued commitment strengthens our shared vision to improve the lives of our residents. This will be achieved through diverse economic opportunities in addition to sustainable partnerships that make a real difference in our residents’ lives.”