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Renovations on the $3m Bellwether Hotel Louisville finally complete

Two previously vacant historic buildings have been modified and transformed into a low touch boutique Bellwether Hotel Louisville, which will be open for bookings by October 15th and reservations can also be made by visitors from  October 22nd.

The Bellwether Hotel Louisville is an embodiment of  Louisville’s rich history and also a combination of more modern touches and high-end amenities. This $3 million invisible service hotel is the first of its kind in Louisville that completely eliminates checking in, at the front desk and provides guests with a code upon booking. These codes have been programmed to reset after each visitor’s use and they make use of a service called RemoteLock, which often partners with Airbnbs.

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This new Bellwether Hotel spans across 16,000 square feet of two previously vacant buildings, the Highlands Police Station and the former Louisville Ballet building. It also features 20 units with varying sizes ranging from 400-square-foot studio-style suites to 1,500-square-foot four-bedroom suites. All rooms offer modern and high-end amenities which include a bathroom, refrigerator and coffee station, with some of the larger suites even featuring kitchenettes. In addition, a restaurant called Nostalgic will be opened on the first floor of one of the buildings by mid-winter.

According to the owner, Ben Boutkins, the Bellwether Hotel was built around some 76 year old paintings which were made to celebrate the end of World war II in 1945. Also the majority of  the designs during the 18-month renovation were centered around the city’s history, especially those of the 1920s.

Co-owner Sarah Mattingly gave more insights about the hotel’s combination of historic and modern features. Mattingly mentioned that the look and feel of the Bellwether Hotel, from the carpet to the velvet touches and lighting would take guests back in time. But she also pointed out that the hotel features modern touches  as well.  Mattingly said,”You have the security of a hotel, you have the other amenities of staying in a hotel but you get to immerse yourself in the neighborhood and live like a local.” 

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