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REZA to implement Mini Economic Solar and Plant (MiESP) project

Renewable Energy Zanzibar Association (REZA) is set to implement Mini Economic Solar and Plant (MiESP) projects in bid to promoting innovation in renewable energy’ project across the country with technical support from Zanzibar Utilities Regulatory Authority- (ZURA) and the ‘State University of Zanzibar (SUZA).

According to REZA Executive Secretary Mr Ramadhan Said Omar named ‘Urbis Foundation’ as the main founder of the project aiming at changing the mindset of local people and leaders on sustainable renewable Energy.

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Training community leaders

“We are training community leaders (Shehas) and people about innovation, creativeness and entrepreneurship in using renewable energy, beginning with solar power. So far REZA has trained 162 community leaders and other stakeholders since last year in the targeted areas of North A and North B districts where people are now sidelining use of traditional energy and turning to solar,” said Omar.

ZURA will responsible for, licensing, tariff review, monitoring performance and standards with regards to quality, safety, health and environment, promoting private sector participation, effective competition and economic efficiency in public utilities.

REZA has been working in areas most affected by deforestation with the aim of restoring green landscape by discouraging cutting down of trees and Promoting Innovation in the Renewable Energy sector.

Renewable energy in 2018/2019 fiscal year programme

“We need to stop cutting down trees to protect the environment. We have enough sun to produce solar power. We start by installing solar before in the future investing in wind and Biogas,’ said Mr Omar.

The Minister for Land, Housing, Water, and Energy Ms Salama Aboud Talib also announced that ‘renewable energy and energy efficiency’ are among the priority programmes in the 2018/2019 fiscal year. She added that the government with support from private sector and development partners is working to promote renewable energy with aim of self-sufficiency in power supply and protection of environment.

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