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SA Firm Helps Raise Funds for Chitungwiza Arts Centre Upgrade

Pathfinder Ubuntu, a South African non-profit organization, was in Zimbabwe for three days last week for a fundraising curatorship effort called Hand Up Stone project to clean up Chitungwiza Arts Centre. Pathfinder Ubuntu owners Shona Bradford and Jonny Cohen were taken to Guruve, Hatfield, Tafara, and Chitungwiza Arts Centre as part of the project by Chitungwiza Arts Centre administrators Taurayi Tigere and Isaac Choloka.

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The curatorship of 100 pieces worth US$200 each was done in Chitungwiza Arts Centre, Tengenenge in Guruve, Hatfield, Chapungu, and Tafara, according to the Hand Up Stone project spokeswoman Bradford. Tigere said that the centre has devised Zimbabwe’s most comprehensive strategic strategy for inspiring artists. In order to collect finances for Chitungwiza Arts Centre, they had to hold a competition accessible to all interested artists in Zimbabwe. The winner will be decided by a panel of four judges.

The proposed modifications to the Chitungwiza Art Centre, according to Tigere, will begin in February of this year. This will be phase two, according to her, as we continue to seek funds for the art centre. She further stated that they were in Tengenenge and Mvurwi in Mashonaland Central province on Tuesday. On Wednesday, they returned to Harare to tour Tafara, Hatfield, and Chapungu before heading to Chitungwiza on Thursday to spearhead the fundraising effort.

The 100 pieces, according to Tigere, are an excellent assortment that will showcase Zimbabwean Shona sculpture originality when marketed in the United States. According to Bradford, the first phase of the project included the construction of a gazebo to provide shelter for female artists, the drilling of a borehole, the installation of a solar system, and the donation of safety clothing to the Chitungwiza Art Centre courtesy of proceeds from South African stone art auctions.

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