Siemens Gamesa to develop a £82m wind turbine blade factory in Hull

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The Engineering giant Siemens have signed an agreement with VolkerFitzpatrick to deliver £82m wind turbine blade factory in Hull. According to the terms, VolkerFitzpatrick will construct two new factories for Siemens Gamesa and repurpose an old factory at the site. The construction started in August and is set to end in May 2023.

The award follows VolkerFitzpatrick’s were granted the tender after their successful construction a blade factory at the same site back in 2016. The new wind turbine blade factory in Hull will enable Siemens Gamesa to manufacture larger blades, more efficiently. The managing director of VolkerFitzpatrick’s building division, Stuart Deverill stated that VolkerFitzpatrick and Siemens Gamesa have a long-standing, collaborative relationship having partnered on the first original blade factory in 2016. “I am happy that we have now been given a chance to construct the wind turbine blade factory in Hull and we are planning to get the works progress over the coming months.”

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The development.

The first phase of the scheme comprise drainage and foundation, pre-cast piling and steel frame structures. The steelwork is designed to give 40-metre clear spans, with 18 metres working height and a good load-bearing capability, to offer space for the various required gantry and console cranes on the wind turbine blade production process. The wind turbine blade factory in Hull will enclose a total footprint of 42,362 sqm, finished with aluminium-faced insulated panels in the walls and roof, just like the existing blade factory. The electrical and mechanical fit-out will consist services for lighting, water, power, ventilation, humidity control and cooling.

The second phase will include 34,217 sqm existing blade factory modifications, turning it to be a finishing area from a production facility. The modifications will include internal reconfigurations, and also replacing and upgrading mechanical services. VolkerFitzpatrick will also alter the building’s envelope, doors and steelwork to give space for larger blades manoeuvering in and out.

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