Solar power plant to be constructed in Tajoura, Libya

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The government of Libya is set to construct a 62 kWp solar power plant in the Centre for Solar Energy and Research (CSERS) in Tajura, near Tripoli the capital city of the North African country. The project has already been handed over to Alhandasya, a Libyan company specialized in the field of engineering services, electromechanical works, and renewable energy, particularly solar energy, for implementation.

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According to Alhandasya’s Elmabrouk Saleh, the Chief Executive Officer for Alhandasya, the solar panels will be designed in such a way that the area underneath them will be utilized as a car park. Upon completion, the project will be connected to the national electricity grid to enhance the public’s grid capacity to cover, as a first step, the energy needs of the population of Tajoura in the north-western region of Libya.

Exploitation of alternative and clean energies

This solar project is part of the 2030 vision of the General Authority for Electricity and Renewable Energy, based in Tripoli, which aims to exploit alternative and clean energies, particularly solar and wind power.

In the municipality of Hay Al-Andalus, in the north-west of Libya, a project to install 1,000 solar street lamps is under development. In the first phase of the Hay Al-Andalus public lighting project, the municipality plans to install 500 solar street lamps.

The authorities of the coastal city will also install 500 solar-powered lighting kits in the second phase of the project.

Deliverable of the Berlin Libya Economic Conference

According to the Alhandasya CEO, the project is also one of the deliverables of the Berlin Libya Economic Conference that targets the maintenance and completion of Libya’s power plants to reduce the country’s power generation deficit of around 1,500 MW. The localization of solar energy and support to the private sector was the other aims of the conference.

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