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Construction of South Africa’s Jakalasi Bridge in Gauteng complete

Construction of Jakalasi Bridge in Olievenhoutbosch, Gauteng has been completed and opened to the public. Property development experts, McCormick Property Development (MPD), in charge of the project, announced the reports.

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Jakalasi Bridge

The Jakalasi Bridge, 85m long is an extension to Jakalasi Street, which crosses the Blue Hills Spruit. The multi-cell culvert bridge will provide access to the existing Olievenhout Plaza and was built as part of the service level agreements with the City of Tshwane. According to MD of McCormick Property Development, Jason McCormick, the bridge will in future link directly with the planned K route once Jakalasi Street is closed.

The bridge was constructed at a cost of US $812,000 and the brainchild of McCormick Development Property. Works commenced in January this year and saw total job creation of 116 positions including general labour, concrete and form work, plumbing, paving and electricians.

Jason McCormick said the bridge was built to replace the road the community had been using all along, which was in poor condition and impassable, especially for taxis which were used on a daily basis. Motorists and pedestrians used to struggle to travel to the mall due to the poor condition of the road. He expressed hope that the bridge would alleviate the plight of many people.

The bridge was constructed on 64 piles (5.4m and 7.3m deep) supported on concrete ground beams. 150 concrete culverts, weighing approximately 4.9 tons each, were then placed on the ground beams followed by the concrete layer, the roadworks layers and asphalt.

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