South Africa launches US $10.8m R114 road rehabilitation project

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South Africa has officially launched the R114 road rehabilitation project in Gauteng near Muldersdrift in the West Rand. Speaking during the launch ceremony, Gauteng MEC for Roads and Transport, Ismail Vadi said that the road project is in with the provincial government’s commitment to deliver quality roads that will promote economic growth, inclusivity and cohesion.

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R114 road

The R114 road which is partly implemented under the auspices of the expanded public works programme, is being funded by Provincial Roads and Transport Department. The road connects  Johannesburg and Mogale City and also serves as a major route to the North West province.

Construction works will involve rehabilitation of the road surface and reconstruction of its intersection with Cedar Road. Other works on site will include cleaning and repairing drainage, construction of edge beams, cleaning the road reserve, reinstating road markings and damaged signs, repairing guardrail structures as well as installing new ones. It is projected to cost US $10.8m.

According to Vadi, the road is critical in serving the N14 freeway as an alternative to ease traffic and congestion. It is mainly used by taxis moving commuters from various settlements to Johannesburg and Mogale city. 

“R114 serves as the main alternative to the N14 freeway therefore acting as a collector and distributor of traffic for motorists enroute Johannesburg and the North West Province,” said  Mr Vadi.

Improved mobility

Once complete motorists and other road users will benefit with reduced travel times, improved road user mobility, easy access to business, residential and agricultural estates, improved road safety and enhanced driving experience.

In addition it will open up more business for taxis playing the route who have since been complaining about the state of the road for months citing that the poor condition of the road has denied them access to clients who opt to use alternative routes instead.

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  1. Good Morning,
    I travel this road everyday as i work at Limeroc Business Park. The road is just getting worse everyday. After rain more potholes even if they fix the potholes the road is so abused that it just get worse and worse everyday. Accidents are more frequent, if N14 highway have obstacles all those vehicles end up on R114. with the traffic from Copper Leaf and all other Businesses including us there is a lot of Heavy duty truck on this roads from Abnormal thru to a bicycle and pedestrians try to find there way on the side of the road. Not only is the road getting dangerous but the tar service is also in a bad state. At Jodan and Mnandi Spar the vehicles just drive rite infront of you without looking or stop it is crazy as a taxi nearly took us out on Thursday 30/03/2023 not looking to see if there is any traffic.I feel i had to bring this under your attention and hope to hear that something is going to be done to make the R114 a better road to travel on.Thank you for reading mail and thank you for trying to fix the potholes

    Kind Regards
    Susan Lombard

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