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Swedish Transport Administration (STA) has given the contract for protection work on the Haga section of the West Link Project in Gothenburg, Sweden. The contract has been awarded to the Scandinavian construction firm Veidekke. The work will be carried out continuously over a specific time frame.

STA recently ended its agreement with the former contractor for the Haga section of the West Link Project. Veidekke is tasked with carrying out protection work. Thus, they will provide the project’s contractors with an operational, secure, and well-maintained workspace.

In addition to securing the work area, the protection work also entails maintaining activities related to environmental permits. Also included are tunnel protection, digging, wiring, ground reinforcement, water treatment, drainage, asphalting, and traffic diversion.

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Tunnels and underground station for West Link Project at the Haga section

The regional manager of Veidekke Anläggning Väst, Fredrik Indevall, stated: “We are honored to provide protection services for the Swedish Transport Administration. Thus we will be able to lessen the effects of the contract cancellation a few weeks ago.

We will collaborate with the Swedish Transport Administration to ensure the work is done as effectively as possible. It will be done in complete transparency, aiming to achieve the best results through good cooperation.

Veidekke’s immediate focus entails having a shared understanding of the project’s current status, the actions that must be taken, and how to prioritize them. This work will be carried out under an executed contract with ongoing billing.

Haga’s West Link Project includes 1,700 meters of tunnels and a new underground station. The bulk of the work will consist of a rescue tunnel through the rock, a tracking tunnel, and a parallel service. Additionally, a few shorter sections will be constructed in concrete through soil and clay.