Construction of terminal at Nyerere Airport halted over funds

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The government of Tanzania has been called upon to ensure that they release funds to enable the construction of Terminal III of the Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA) that has currently stalled due to lack funds.

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According to Parliamentary Committee on Infrastructure (PCI) the governments haven’t released the funds despite the fact that they had set aside billions for the project.

The PCI revealed that the government was dragging its feet in releasing funds for the projects hence there was need to ensure that they quickly look at the matter before it’s too late.

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Led by the Committee Chairman Norman Sigalla said during the presentation of a report in Parliament that although Sh26 billion was budgeted in the current fiscal year for the construction of the Terminal III building at JNIA, as of December 2016 not a single cent had been released.

“The funds that were set aside haven’t been utilized fully for the project and we would like the government to be accountable for the same” he added
He added that the project is key as the passengers using the Nyerere airport will increase hence increasing more income and building the economy.

“The committee doesn’t see tangible reasons as to why the Songwe Airport project hasn’t been completed as only Sh16 billion is required.” He added
Once the project is complete its estimated that it will double up the number of passangers using the airport.

This is one of the ongoing construction project that have been highly affected my lack of funds however the government haven’t been able to comment on the issue.

Tanzania’s president Pombe Magufuli had pledged that they are looking forward to increase funds that will ensure that the country’s infrastructure gets on well as a way to ensure that trade increases and economical growth.