Mtwara Water Project in Tanzania assigned 24 billion

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The government of Tanzania has set aside approximately 24bn/ for the implementation of Mtwara Water Project which involves 205 villages of the Mtwara Rural area. The revelation was made by the Regional Manager of Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (RUWASA), Engineer Mbaraka Ally when presenting a report on the implementation of water supply in the region before water experts from the state Ministry of Water.

The experts had visited Kilidu Mnui and Mnolela water projects in Newala District to monitor and evaluate the progress of the ongoing water projects in the area.

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The RUWASA regional manager explained that the funds will be used to facilitate the implementation of 31 water supply projects to serve 300,000 people of Mtwara Region in southeastern Tanzania.

The Kilidu Mnui and Mnolela water projects

Speaking on the Kilidu Mnui and Mnolela water projects, Engineer Mbaraka Ally said that the former project is fully complete and is now generating 720,000 liters of water per day that are consumed by about 60,000 people in small towns and villages in Newala district.

The Mnonela water project, on the other hand, he said it is currently 45 per complete and it is set to be delivered in December this year. Upon completion, the Mnonela water project would serve 2, 805 people in Mkunjo, Mtanda, Dodoma, and Mnonela villages in Newala Municipal, noting that currently, 55 percent of the population receives reliable water supply in the area.

Other ongoing water projects

Other ongoing water projects in the area include the Lukuledi water supply project which is already benefiting a population of 17,060 from Lukuledi, Nasindi, Polapola, Kalinga, and Napata even though it is only 95 percent complete.

Also underway, is the improvement of the Mbwinji water source which, according to Masasi Nachingwea Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (MANAWASA) Director of Water Quality Philip Chandy, is expected to help increase water supply for citizens in Newala rural, Nachingwea, and Ruangwa in Lindi Region.

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