Planned mega projects in Tanzania to end water woes

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Construction of Mega projects in Tanzania is being planned in a move expected to end decade-long water woes that have affected some parts of the country.

Minister for Water and Irrigation, Engineer Gerson Lwenge in his budget speech said the strategy will improve water access by 75% and 95% in rural and urban areas respectively, come 2020.

He said that since people are no longer able to rely on ponds, streams or wells due to climate change, the government will embark on renewable energy projects. On the other hand, hand pumps which would have served as an alternative seem not to be an effective option.

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Eng Lwenge added that the government will collaborate with the World Bank‘s Global Partnership on Output-Based Aid (GPOBA) to implement the project at a cost of $4.2m. The project would be a first to be implemented in Tanzania. It is projected to reduce operational costs, especially for rural-based water projects.

The work done involved expansion work at Upper and Lower Ruvu water treatment plants in Mlandizi and Bagamoyo respectively. According to the minister, water supply has since increased from 92m litres to 196m litres per day at the Upper Ruvu and from 182m litres to 270m litres at Lower Ruvu.

He further added that the DAWASA implemented Kimbiji and Mpera deep boreholes, that are expected to pump in an additional 260m litres a day, will be completed next month.

The government is also targeting the expansion of the Lake Victoria to Tabora water project that will benefit over 100 villages. Renovations and construction of nine large dams including the Kidunda dam are some of the long-term goals of the government in a bid to improve water supply in the region.

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