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The ongoing construction of the new Magomeni residential buildings in Dar Es Salaam is set to be completed by December this year. This is according to Mr. Daudi Kondoro, the CEO of Tanzania Building Agency, the company in charge of the implementation of the project.

Mr. Kondoro was speaking following an announcement by Eng. Isack Kamwelwe, the minister for Works, Transport and communication, that the government of the united republic of Tanzania had set aside approximately 16bn in this year’s budget for the completion of the project.

“Currently the construction works of the project have already reached over 70 percent, and we are really looking forward to receiving the allocated funds to finalize the project so that the residents can move in,” explained the TBA CEO.

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The project overview

Situated on a 20 acres piece of land which initially hosted the Magomeni quarters, the entire project is mainly a commercial complex that incorporates five residential apartment blocks spread across a three acres piece of land, and commercial infrastructure including shops, restaurants, etc.

Each of the blocks is about eight floors tall and they feature 16 apartments. The apartments are divided into two categories; the “family apartments” and the “bachelor apartments”. The family apartments consist of two bedrooms, a seating room, a toilet, and a bathroom, a kitchen and a laundry area while the bachelor’s apartment comprises of a single bedroom, a seating room, a toilet and a bathroom, a kitchen, and a laundry area.

Expectations for the project

Upon completion, the Magomeni residential buildings are expected to be home to about 644 people who surrendered their land in the then Magomeni quarters for the implementation of the project.

President Magufuli ordered that the people be allowed to live in the new apartments, when complete, for a period of 5 years without them paying a dime.

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