Tanzania set to launch its first wind power project

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Tanzania is set to launch its first wind power project in Makambako District in Njombe region, southwest of the country. This is according to Windlab Development Tanzania who are spearheading the development.

Plans for the construction of a wind farm in Tanzania began in October 2015, where Tanzania’s Six Telecoms, Aldwych International Limited of the United Kingdom, and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) based in Washington, D. C pooled funds together for the project. They formed Wind East Africa Limited, the parent company to Windlab Development Tanzania as a special vehicle to develop, own, and operate the power station.

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Miombo Hewani Wind Farm warm

Construction of the project dubbed Miombo Hewani Wind Farm warm will take place in three phases of 100MW each, with the first phase which will cost US $250m, estimated to serve over one million residents of Makambako Township.

For the company to generate its first 100MW, it needs 34 wind turbines and also electrical infrastructure to connect the wind farm to the national electricity grid at Makambako substation

Upon completion, the wind farm will have a lifespan of 25-30 years and will have a capacity of generating enough power to light some three million households, based on current per capita usage. The power generated at Miombo Hewani will be sold to the Tanzania Electricity Supply Company (TANESCO).

Tanzania power demand

The demand for electricity in Tanzania grows yearly by 15% with only 38% of the country connected to electricity generated by water and gas reserves as the country seeks alternative sources to its hydro-power plants. The country however enjoys an excellent wind resource. The pattern is biased towards night time generation and generation during the dry season making it an ideal addition for the country’s current and planned electricity generation mix.


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  1. When are you going to start installing Wind turbine in Tanzania?
    This will help the appaling shortage of electricity in Tanzania. Its shocking to see lack of human neccecity being deprived to its people, when you have been blessed to have the sun.
    Water power from sea and rivers and lakes, as well as wind turbine.
    I hope you help produce electricity for yourselves and sell it to international company’s.

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