Tanzania’s RUFIJI hydroelectric project handed over to Arab Contractors

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RUFIJI hydroelectric power generation project’s construction site and its supporting infrastructure has officially been handed over to the contractors-Arab Contractors and El Sewedy Electric.

Energy Minister Dr Medard Kalemani confirmed the reports and said the project whose deal was sealed in December last year, is expected to produce 2,115MW of electricity that will be added to the national grid and guarantee adequate power supply for domestic and commercial uses.

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RUFIJI hydroelectric power generation project

The energy Minister anticipates that the US $2.9m project  would act as a solution to all power challenges in the country and urged the contractors to watch the agreed standards to ensure the project’s durability and positive changes to the country’s economy.

“The government expects to see all projects completed on time, so the contractors have to walk the talk. The government will provide all necessities to have the work done,” said the minister.

Upon the project completion in the next three years, Tanzania will become the leading power producer and supplier in East Africa, with Rufiji project becoming the fourth biggest dam in Africa.

Africa’s largest dam is Ethiopia’s Renaissance, which is under construction, with 6,450MW expected upon completion in 2022. Mambira Dam in Nigeria, follows second with 3,050MW ahead of Ethiopian Shaika Dam that produces 2,160MW. The Aswan Dam in Egypt, with 2,100MW comes fifth in the ranking, beating Raula Dam in Angola, which produces 2,066M, according to Dr Kalemani.


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