Terminal C of Orlando International Airport to open in coming weeks

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Officials at the Orlando International Airport have announced that the new south terminal (terminal C) will open in September 2022. The US$ 3bn project has 15 gates, designed to accommodate 10 to 12 million passengers annually. Once finished, four more gates will allow for a potential 15 million passenger increase.

High-speed rail service is expected to start in 2023 at the terminal’s on-site train station connecting Orlando to South Florida. The new terminal will also become a crucial hub for ground transportation.

Orlando International Airport’s south terminal features

Face recognition technology will be used in all TSA screening lanes for arrivals and departures. 2,000 people can pass through the eight screening lanes with automated bin returns in an hour.

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The new structure incorporates large-scale media and is also the first LEED®v4 terminal in the world. A triptych of 32-foot-tall monitors called Windows on Orlando spans 110 feet and offers panoramic views of real-world activities. Moment Vault, an interactive multimedia element with surround sound, will keep kids captivated.

Furthermore, a sophisticated baggage handling system will deliver bags to baggage claim within five minutes after landing, and every luggage will be RFID-tracked. Bluetooth beacons are used in wayfinding signs to offer localized directions. All of the terminal’s seats have built-in device charging.

An architectural asset where technology and creativity drive functionality

A visual docking guidance system will enable autonomous plane docking on the airside. Using the Orlando MCO app, which is accessible through Google Play or the App Store, travelers can browse an airport map, observe checkpoint wait times, and keep track of flight schedules while on the move. With the majority of the concessions located outside of security checkpoints for the convenience of travelers, the terminal will have 34 concessions, including 24 restaurants.

According to Kevin Thibault, CEO of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, the new structure is “an architectural asset where technology and creativity drive functionality; elevating comfort, optimizing airport operations, and boosting sustainability.”