Thames water to deliver Mogden Sewage Treatment Works in London.

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Thames Water has offered Kier a £66m project at Mogden Sewage Treatment Works (STW) in Isleworth. The scheme just outside of Twickenham Stadium include designing and construction of the facility. Mogden Sewage Treatment Works is a resilience scheme that will include significant improvements and modernisation of the existing facility, offering more resilience and capacity, with onsite energy generation, better capacity on preliminary treatment and higher resilience of the Sludge and Digester Streams for AMP8 works preparation.

Mogden is third largest treatment works in Thames water, with area size of 55 hectares and serving around 2.1m residents. It was constructed in the 1930s and the schemes upgrade will include existing tanks as well as building new tanks. Furthermore the project will include replacement of key mechanical and process equipment and electrical panels upgrade. The contract builds on Kier and Thames water longstanding partnership, having last year secured a place on its £2.6bn AMP7 Capital Programmes Framework, and offering a planned and reactive services through the Infrastructure Alliance.

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Continued relations.

The Group managing director at Kier Infrastructure, Mark Pengelly said: “We’ve got a long history of Thames water schemes delivering and services and look forward to continuing the relationship with Mogden Sewage Treatment Works project. Kier will be partnering with AECOM as the designers and both companies have selected key personnel for their knowledge and experience of STW and complex large-scale civil engineering.

Francis Paonessa, Thames Water’s Capital Delivery Director, added that investment in Mogden Sewage Treatment Works will be important in modernising one of the most urban treatment works. It will have an essential role in the work to reduce the impact on the neighbours, making sure that Mogden can accommodate the waste expected increase from London’s growing population in the future. The project is a section of the wider investment plan to ensure the sites can continue to offer essential service to millions of customers in London and Thames Valley.

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