TradeWinds Island expansion project planned for St. Pete Beach, Florida

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A TradeWinds Island expansion project has been planned for the massive resort property located along St. Pete Beach, Florida. The local resort operator, TradeWinds, recently revealed renderings of the expansion, which is intended to deliver a new upscale product.

The TradeWinds Island expansion will add 3 high-rise hotels to the already existing Island Grand and RumFish Beach Resort. Thereby, increasing the square footage of the resort space by about 850,000 square feet. This expansive property spanning over 25 acres, currently features a 545-unit hotel on Island Grand and a 352 hotel on RumFish. 

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Development plans for the TradeWinds Island expansion

Development plans for the TradeWinds Island expansion will cover the construction on 650 hotel rooms for the 3 additional high-rise hotels. In addition, the expansion project features 33,000 square feet of conference facilities and a new 20,000 square foot ballroom. Other facilities incorporated into the project include retail spaces, three swimming pools, and three parking garages, with up to 2000 spaces.

This TradeWinds Island expansion will be a four-phased development, with an estimated 2023 starting date and 2024 delivery date. For the first phase of construction, the timeframe will be between 2023 and 2024. During this period a new 12-story 154-key hotel building, with a 575-space parking garage will be built. 

Phase 2 of the TradeWinds Island expansion will be carried out between  2028 and 2029. In this construction phase, an 11-story 261-key hotel building will be developed, along with a 736-space parking garage. In addition, the development will also include a conference center and retail component. 

Phases three and four

Lastly, construction on the third phase and fourth phases will be carried out between 2032 and 2034. For phase 3, a 12-story 235-unit hotel will be built, consisting of a 297-space parking garage, and retail component. While for the last phase, a two-story hotel lobby, along with a 34-space parking deck will be developed. 

The developers intend to make use of underutilized surface parking lots for the TradeWinds Island expansion. Therefore, hardly any demolition is needed, with exception of one small two-story building which needs to be razed. The project will be designed by Nunzio Marc DeSantis, a renowned architect responsible for designing many luxury hotels in the region. Besides Nunzio Marc DeSantis, others included in the development team are Perry-Becker, Harris Civil Engineering, Hill Ward Henderson, and Tarapani Planning Services.