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Construction of the Lacmon to Apaa (Section 1&2) road in Pabbo Sub-County in Uganda has been blocked by the armed personnel of the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA). The 20km road worth US $459,000 is expected to link remote areas of Lakang through Kololo to Kampala landing site on the Nile river bank.

The road construction is being undertaken by Davrich Company LTD under the Project for Restoration of Livelihoods in Northern Uganda (PRELNOR), a government initiative for the nine districts of Amuru, Nwoya, Pader, Omoro, Gulu, Lamwo, Agago, Kitgum and Adjumani under the control of the Ministry of Local Government.

Reason for project block

The armed rangers issued a directive to halt the road construction process because it was passing through the gazetted East Madi Conservation Area under Adjumani district local government. Additionally, UWA said that the district did not conduct a social environmental impact assessment for the project.

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Vision 2040

The government however has a long-term development strategy as outlined in the Government’s Vision 2040, which aims to increase and improve the quality of infrastructure stock to foster transformation of the Uganda’s economy from low income to a more competitive upper middle- income status.

The project is aimed at tackling congestion in the city of Kampala through improvement of road network, upgrading of traffic junctions, and enhanced drainage capacity to mitigate flooding on the streets. The project entails: improvement of 62 km of roads, 123 km of non-motorized traffic facilities, provision of street lighting; provision of scheduled eco- bus services with supporting infrastructure (bus depot and dedicated lanes).

The project is expected to benefit at least 1.6 million people including: commuters, businesses, and transporters passing through the city regularly, poised to experience improved transport efficiency.

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  1. These game rangers are getting out of hand, Its time to deal with them once and for all. The presidential decree the are talking about that made Apaa part of Madi district was never rectified in parliament and has lots of faults that is still being challenged in court. Why are they so aggressive?

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