Katosi water treatment plant project in Uganda to boost water supply by March

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The new National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) water treatment plant which is under construction in Katosi, Mukono district, Uganda is expected boost water supply in at least three districts once it is complete in March.

According to NWSC managing director Dr Silver Mugisha, the demand for water from the wider public is bigger than what NWSC is supplying presently. “A total of 300 million litres of water are needed to satisfy the demand, yet right now NWSC is providing 240 million litres,” he said during a recent site visit. The MD further urged Transebel, a consultancy company from Germany, and the contractor Sogea Sotem, a French company, to complete the works on time.

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Katosi water treatment plant

The project entails the construction of a new treatment plant along the shores of Lake Victoria at Kigo, to boost piped water supply to Kampala South, and the construction of a fecal sludge treatment facility to increase sanitation and waste management in this particular region. It also includes the construction of a 15 million liter reservoir in Sonde and booster station in Namugongo.

The new plant will also feature a 500m offshore abstraction pipeline into Lake Victoria, a SCADA system that will be integrated with the existing NWSC installations, a modern laboratory to enhance water quality monitoring and management, a mechanical workshop, a compact wastewater treatment plant, a solid waste handling, and incineration facility and a modern staff housing estate with modern amenities and recreation facilities.

Upon completion, the plant will add 160,000 m³ of water per day to the city’s drinking water supply system which currently has a deficit of 70, 000m3 of water per day. The Katosi drinking water treatment plant capacity can be further expanded to 240,000 cubic meters of water per day.

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