Uganda secures US $18m for construction of Kabale-Lake Bunyonyi Road

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The government of Uganda has secured US $18m for the construction of the 8km Kabale-Lake Bunyonyi Road and purchase of a ferry that will be transporting people across the lake.

The State Minister for Finance-in-charge of Planning, Mr David Bahati who revealed the development, said the project is in accordance with President Museveni’s in 2016 pledge to provide safe means of transport.

“Our President had promised construction and tarmacking of Kabale-Lake Bunyonyi Road and also purchase of a ferry to safely provide means of transport across the lake for our people and the good news is that the government has secured the funds for both of these projects. Procurement is already ongoing,” said Mr Bahati.

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Kabale-Lake Bunyonyi Road

The State Minister further urged community leaders to work in hand with technocrats from the Ministry of Works and Transport to identify sites suitable for ferry landing.

Lake Bunyonyi is one of the deepest lakes in Africa and often dangerous during rainy seasons, posing difficulties for school going children and adults crossing the lake. In June 2018 five people were reported dead with two of them children after their boat capsized while crossing to Karambo Village.

On the other side Mr Bahati said that the government is working towards securing US $96m from Chinese Exim Bank and African Development Bank to facilitate tarmacking of 65km Katuna-Rubaya-Muko Road.

Additionally, the minister promised locals compensation for their lost properties during Rwandan liberation war in 1994. Katuna Town Mayor Mr Nelson Nshangabasheija, also acknowledged that the constituency has been witnessing continued development through various government sponsored projects through the leadership of Mr Bahati and President Museveni who have lately foreseen connection of water and electricity in the area.