US $185m waste-to-energy plant to be constructed in Poland

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A US $185m waste-to-energy (WtE) plant is set to be constructed in Poland. This is after a consortium of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction and Doosan Lentjes was awarded the construction contract by Polish energy company Dobra Energia.

The project is for a WtE plant that treats about 300 tons of municipal waste per day to generate a heat and electricity supply of about 12MW for the local community. The plant will be constructed in Olsztyn, about 200km north of Poland’s capital Warsaw.

A waste-to-energy (WtE) plant is a facility that converts combustible waste resources generated by industrial sites or households into energy through the gasification, incineration or pyrolysis process. It has recently been thrust into the spotlight, as it not only generates electricity from waste, but also helps to minimize landfills and thus, reduce environmental pollution. New orders for WtE plants are particularly increasing in Europe due to the waste landfill restriction policy imposed amidst the rising demand for replacement of old plants.

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Scope of work

The consortium, consisting of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction and Doosan Lentjes, will be taking on the project as an EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) turnkey project and plans to complete the construction by 2023. Doosan Heavy will provide overall project management services, while Doosan Lentjes will be supplying the incineration boiler and environmental equipment and also be performing mechanical and electrical works. Its Czech subsidiary Doosan Skoda Power will also participate in the project by supplying a small 12MW industrial steam turbine.

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  1. The waste to energy market is poised to show significant growth on account of the growing concerns regarding the proper disposal of waste along with the growing focus towards the generation of clean energy in many parts of the world.

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