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Converting 2 Historic Buildings into the The Bellwether Hotel in Louisville

Park Mile Partners LCC have purchased two properties from the city of Louisville at a price of $1.1 million, and have plans of redefining these buildings into  The Bellwether Hotel in Louisville. These two previously abandoned properties include the former Highlands Police Station and a building adjacent to the Police station that was once the previous home of Louisville Ballet. 

Located at 1300 Bardstown Road Louisville, The Bellwether is billed as Louisville’s first invisible service hotel. This development will consist of a restaurant along with a hotel on the 15,000 square feet plot and it is expected to become operational sometime this summer.

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According to Ben Botkins, one of the Park Mike Partners, the development plans for The Bellwether Hotel in Louisville, consist of 21 Art Deco-styled units, averaging around 350 square feet with kitchenettes on the site. The plan will also ensure the preservation of the two historic buildings on one of the neighborhood’s monumental corners, which will be achieved by maintaining the original police station façade and the World War II-era decorations in the building; thereby, giving The Bellwether Hotel a classical outlook. 

Botkins also said, “The Bellwether allows for the preservation of two historic buildings on one of the neighborhood’s most distinct corners and will provide a space to welcome new visitors to the area.”

The Park Mike Partners  have a strong  sense of commitment towards maintaining the history and character of Bardstown Road corridor, while providing business opportunities that will add value to the neighborhood, Botkins implied.

The Bellwether Hotel in Louisville is expected to attract as many as 50 visitors on a daily basis to the Highlands, to experience the modern guest rooms with local historical figures still embedded, as well as key thoroughfares in the Highlands. The hotel’s design will also include a self-check-in and low touch model system that will provide security for the hotel, while experiencing an Airbnb styled adventure. 

Both properties had been previously earmarked for reconstruction in the past with plans to open a taphouse and the area got cleared for restoration. Unfortunately, the construction work was slow and this led to the eventual termination of the taphouse project.

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