Zimbabwe approves 50MW Westgate solar power project

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The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (Zera) has granted Parvalue Energy Limited a 25-year licence to establish a 50MW solar photovoltaic power plant at Westgate Suburbs in Bulawayo.

Donnington West Power Plant

The regulator confirmed the issuing of the licence in a public notice and said that the plant would be established at Donnington West Plant for purposes of generation and supply of electricity. “The generation licence is hereby granted to Parvalue Energy Limited; to own, operate and maintain the 50MW solar photovoltaic power plant called Donnington West Power plant at stand 3039, Donnington West, Westgate Suburb in Bulawayo,” said Zera.

The statement from Zera also indicated that Parvalue Energy was now allowed to supply electricity to any transmission, distribution or supply licensee who purchases electricity for resale and, with the approval of the Authority, to any one or more consumers. Zera said the licence was issued in terms of Section 4(1)(e) of the Energy Regulatory Authority Act (Chapter 13:23) as read with Section 42 of the Electricity Act (Chapter 13:19).

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Low generation capacity

The license is issued at a time Zimbabwe is facing acute electricity supply gaps with low generation capacity at the country’s main power stations in Hwange and Kariba. The situation has been worsened by drought conditions in the last rainfall season, which has seen water levels at Kariba Power Station drop significantly in the last few months and the inefficiency of the old machinery. The issuing of solar plant licences by Zera comes as a short to long term solution in ending the electricity crisis in the country.

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  1. Great to see African countries embracing renewable energy. John, can you please share with me the contacts for Parvalue Energy Limited?

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