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Zimbabwe to receive US $310m for Hwange thermal plant project

The government of Zimbabwe is set to receive US $310m from the government of India for the construction of Hwange thermal plant.

Indian Vice President Venkaiah Naidu, confirmed the reports, during a visit to Zimbabwe and said the funds will aim at enhancing the life cycle of the plant.

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Hwange thermal plant project  

Hwange thermal power station, owned and operated by Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA), a state-owned company contracted to generate, transmit and distribute electricity in Zimbabwe, has an installed capacity of 920MW.

Construction of the first stage units began in 1973, which were commissioned from 1983 to 1986, and was followed by second stage units in 1987. A US $23m fund will be provided for Thermal Plant Project at Bulawayo and US $19m for the Deka Pipe laying project. The funding is expected to help complete the projects within the stipulated time.

The project which features 120MW units and two units of 220MW, will also involves a significant upgrade to the country’s transmission network, works that are required to absorb such a significant increase in generation capacity. The Hwange project will be a significant milestone in the rehabilitation of the infrastructure critical to increasing Zimbabwe’s economic output, representing one of the largest foreign investments in the country in recent years.

Indian Vice President, however pointed out that Zimbabwe requires a lot of planning and good corporate management to ensure efficient, timely and cost effective implementation of the project.

He further added that the Indian government will extend its support to the country’s micro and mini-grid, smart grids, hybrid renewable energy technologies and two LOC projects.



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