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Buxton Point Affordable Housing Project in Mombasa, Kenya

Buxton Point is an affordable housing project that is been developed at the 8.45 acres site that was initially occupied by the Buxton estate. The site sits on plots /XVII/625 and 985, Buxton area, and it is bounded by Sheikh Abdulla F., Narok, Koinange, Ronald Ngala, and Tom Mboya Roads.

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The project broke grounds on May 2021. It involves the relocation of existing tenants, demolition of old housing structures, and construction of new housing units for outright sale to the general public under the affordable housing government scheme.

Buxton Point.A new lifestyle.

162 housing blocks will be put up to create a total of 1,860 units. Under the scheme, a one-bedroom house will be sold for Sh1.8 million, while a two-bedroom unit will go for Sh3 million. There will also be bedsitters going for less than a million shillings.

Phase one of the project will be completed in 12 months that is in May 2022.

Other than the housing units, the project involves the construction of 114 shops, 1 supermarket, a nursery school, multipurpose playfields, a multipurpose community center, wastewater pre-treatment system- septic tanks, and internal access roads.


Once fully complete, the project will accommodate a population of 2,056 at the least.

Project Team

The Buxton Point Housing Project is developed by Buxton Point Apartments Ltd and the Mombasa County Government under a Public-Private Partnership framework.

Buxton Point Apartments Ltd is a locally registered company that was formed as a special purpose vehicle to deliver on the proposed project after Gulf Cap Africa won the bid for Buxton Estate redevelopment.

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