New Hallmark Cards distribution center for Liberty, Kansas begins

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Construction of a new New Hallmark Cards distribution center in Liberty, Kansas has begun. The 850,000 square foot extension of the center will be put up less than a mile from the original location. Hallmark Cards has stated that the facility will not only expand its operations but also help them reduce its environmental footprint. It is scheduled to open in the next two years with more than 1,200 full-time employees and 150 seasonal workers.

The New Hallmark Cards distribution center will also increase the company’s presence by 50%. A company executive said the expansion will bring some smaller operations in the Kansas City area operating from buildings rented from Liberty.

Liberty Distribution Center

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“This expansion is an incredible milestone for our business and we are excited about the potential this opens up for us in the years to come. We will create new job opportunities and new skills to meet the expectations of our customers who will continue to purchase our products in stores and online, “said Scott Collignon, Vice President of Logistics at Hallmark. We will be distributing many of the products you use every day at Hallmark. So think of ornaments, greeting cards, wrapping paper, and all those nice things. We are growing as a company so the idea of ​​having all of our growth in one area is a great thing for us and will bring more jobs to the region,” said Hallmark Global President Smith Holland has weathered the pandemic really well and are also feeling good about the outlook.”

Opus Development will manage nearly 1.66 million square feet of construction / industrial speculative development projects. Land near West Heartland Drive and Shepherd Road Opus Development Company Rita D’Agostino, director of real estate development, said Opus was delighted to be in Liberty and the Heartland Meadows development in particular.