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Paarl Rock is the fifth building in Conradie Park, a new mixed-income, mixed-use housing development in Cape Town, near main arterial routes, and the Mutual and Thornton railway stations in the Pinelands suburb.

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Upon completion, the 8 storey Paarl Rock block will comprise 266 apartments in an affordable model for first-time homeowners. It will include ground-floor retail space, two lifts, and a rooftop deck on the sixth floor facing westwards at Devil’s Peak and over the Cape Town central business district towards Signal Hill.

Project Innovation

Paarl Rock’s innovations include an energy-efficient hot water system for residents, which will help lower their cost of living and take the load off the national electricity grid. The system includes a centralized hot water generation system on the ground floor and an on-roof solar generator that will assist in ‘over-heating water during the day in a specially-designed storage vessel to around 85 to 90 C.

The project is also conserving water and reducing water costs by supplying its own irrigation needs from a master incoming line of treated effluent, at just 5 to 10% of the cost of potable water. The water quality from this line, which is considerably clean enough to be discharged into river systems, is further treated on-site and also used for all irrigation and cleaning purposes.

An overview of Conradie Park

The Conradie Park comprises more than 3 500 homes complemented by numerous businesses, two affordable private schools, three crèches’, an aspirational convenient retail center, business hotel, medical facilities, doggy day-care, town square & community center.

It also includes a number of pocket-parks and a 22,000m2 linear park with its Saturday morning “Park Run” already plotted, the development is being touted as an ‘affordable, sustainable, self-contained town for the future.

Project team

The Conradie Park is developed by a partnership between Concor and the Western Cape Government.