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The price of cement in South Africa

The distressed state of the construction sector in South Africa, the poor economy and reduced spending on infrastructure resulted in declining sales volumes of cement in 2019. Local producers of lime, cement and related products entered 2020 with declining production capacity utilisation rates, weakening demand and intensifying competition for market share.

Although South Africa and its neighbours are oversupplied, imported cement continues to pour into the saturated market. The challenging local operating environment has been compounded by high fuel costs and energy insecurity.

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Therefore, just like countries in Africa, the prices of cement in South Africa depend on the particular manufacturer. Below is an indication of the current prices of key 50kgs cement brands available in the market today.


KBC Kwikbuild 32.5N R72.5

KBC Kwikbuild 42.5N R82.5

Afrisam 42.5N R98

Afrisam STARBUILD 32.5N R76

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Dennis Ayemba
Country/ Features Editor, Kenya



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