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BAMR introduces new Elcometer 500 Concrete Coating Thickness Gauge

BAMR represents some of the Market Leaders in the World in Southern Africa and strive to combine quality products at competitive prices, with personalized service. The New Elcometer 500 Concrete Coating Thickness Gauge accurately measures the thickness of coatings on concrete and other similar substrates like plasterboard, drywall, concrete block, brick) – non-destructively.

Key Features of the New Elcometer 500 Concrete Coating Thickness Gauge

Fast and accurate

Measuring over 60 readings per minute in standard mode and over 140 readings per minute in scan mode, the Elcometer 500 coating thickness gauge can significantly reduce your inspection times.

The Elcometer 500 Coating Thickness Gauge takes repeatable and reproducible dry film thickness measurements of coatings on concrete up to 10mm‡ thick (Epoxy coatings, thickness on other materials may vary) or other similar substrates – without damaging the coating.


The Elcometer 500 will only display the coating thickness reading if the signal strength indicator turns green, preventing false or incorrect readings. If the coating thickness is outside the measurement range, the Elcometer 500 informs you on the display.


The Elcometer 500 measurement probes are supplied with user replaceable probe tips. If the tip is damaged or wears during use you can replace it and carry on. The gauge even informs you when you need to change the probe tip, maximising inspection time.

Easy to Use

There is no need to set up gates, range values or know the thickness of the coating, simply select the coating material from the gauge library and start measuring. The Elcometer 500 Concrete Coating Thickness Gauge is compatible with ElcoMaster® Software and ElcoMaster® Mobile App, individual coating thickness measurements can be transferred via USB or Bluetooth® to PC or a mobile device for analysis and instant report generation.

Ergonomic and rugged

The Elcometer 500 gauge and intelligent probes have all been ergonomically designed for continuous use. No force is required to take a reading. Robust, ergonomic and sealed against dirt and water, equivalent to a rating of IP54, the Elcometer 500 has been designed to work in harsh environments, making it the ideal gauge for the laboratory or the job site.

Once the gauge has been calibrated, the Elcometer 500 Concrete Coating Thickness Gauge has a measurement accuracy of ±2%.

  1. Coating Material Library

The Elcometer 500’s advanced measurement technology means that you no longer need to know how thick the coating should be before taking a reading, and you don’t need to set any measurement gates. Simply switch on the gauge, select the coating from the calibration library, and take a reading.

  1. Material Thickness Calibration

To obtain the greatest measurement accuracy, the Elcometer 500 can be calibrated using a known thickness of the coating to be measured.  If a sample of known thickness is not available, the Elcometer 500 Coating Calibration Mould (CCM) can be used to create a coating of known thickness which is traceable to both national and international standards.

  1. Sound Velocity Calibration

The Elcometer 500 can be calibrated by entering the speed of sound from the Product Datasheet available from the coating manufacturer.

About BAMR

BAMR supplies, repairs, services and calibrates instrumentation since 1946. Specializing in the coatings, corrosion, physical paint testing and allied industries. They have been the suppliers and distributors of Elcometer instruments and equipment since 1947. They are the sole official authorized Elcometer distributor and partner in South Africa and most of Africa.


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