Local Zimbabwe firm introduces solar tiles in the market

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Summersrand Alternative Energy has introduced solar tiles in Zimbabwe and neighboring markets, in a bid that will help increase supply of power to homes and reduce impacts of load-shedding in these countries. The new solar tiles will also help in exploiting of renewable resources according to the company’s Craig Mapedzamombe, something that’s already booming all across Africa.

“The solar tile roofing is a new system which is part of the roof and is environmentally friendly means of harnessing electricity without causing harm to the environment,” he said. Apart from Harare, Summersrand Alternative Energy has installed the panels in Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique.

Apart from powering homes, solar tiles can be useful in pumping of water. They also carry other benefits such as being proof to disaster, helping in protection against electricity shocks and leakages, and carry fire resistance and ant-aging abilities. In addition, these panels can supply energy for long period and environmental-friendly.

Each home will take a favorable installation option depending on the wattage required. For instance, they can opt for the 1, 000 watts panels that will in total cover 13.7 square meters. This entails setting 125 packs each carrying 8 watts in capacity. Another option is the 2 000 watts and 3 000 watts panels, the latter taking an area of 41.8 square meters.

Summersrand Alternative Energy is working with international companies at the moment and the solar tiles are manufactured in different countries, but the company is also in the process of having a manufacturing plant for the tiles in Zimbabwe.

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