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BLT SA’s extensive range of Taylor materials handling equipment – which encompasses loaded and empty container handlers, reach stackers and forklifts – now includes the TX4 series articulated 4-wheel drive forklift trucks, designed for moving materials in the harshest environments, including muddy and rough terrain.

“Unlike other comparable articulated forklifts, this series is not a front loader chassis with a fork attachment, but a robust articulated material handler, completely designed and engineered in the USA, to the highest standards, by Taylor Machine Works,” says Charity Gumede, marketing director, BLT SA. “TX4 all terrain forklifts – which can be fitted with specially designed attachments for various materials handling tasks – ensure efficient operation, low maintenance, optimum safety and extended service life in arduous conditions.”

TX4 high lift forklifts, with an all welded steel chassis and frames for optimum strength, offer resistance to dynamic/shock loads. Optional heavy duty mast and carriage configurations are available to suit exact materials handling needs. The telescopic Ultra-Vu mast features a nested channel construction for clear visibility of the fork and other attachments. Double acting lift cylinders are positioned to the rear of the mast rails, while high strength multi-leaf lift chains are nested inside the mast rails. These machines have a 16° forward and backward mast tilting capacity.

Benefits of this robust series include a heavy duty bolted planetary drive axle; large, all terrain tyres for good traction in harsh environments and fully adjustable pin mounted forks, which are forged from heat treated steel, that allow for flexibility of operation.

There are three models in this range – TX4-250 and TX4-300 units are rated at 165 HP at 2 000 rpm for heavy duty industrial applications and the rated capacity for the TX4-360 is 190 HP at 2 200 rpm. These machines maintain their rated capacity, even at the full steer position.

Taylor low emission engines are tier certified, with lower fan and engine speeds for reduced noise levels. There are electronic diagnostics on the engine with a fault code history for fast problem location and a built in emergency shutdown system for the engine and transmission is standard.

An engine mounted sealed fan shroud ensures maximum air flow and a seven-blade pusher fan blows dust and debris away from the operator.

These robust forklifts have a heavy duty four-speed powershift transmission with a high capacity 12 plate clutch system for enhanced durability. Other features include a full directional modulation for soft directional changes and operator controlled air inching for precise vehicle positioning in any environment.

A high capacity transmission oil cooler is part of the bolted three section cooling system. The cooler has wide fin spacing which reduces dirt build-up and provides efficient engine cooling for dependable operation in all conditions. A dual element air cleaner with a restriction indicator system offers engine protection and a remote mounted filter reduces oil spills. An exhaust purifier system is an optional environmental feature.

The fuel tank has a heavy gauge steel wall, with an integral strainer and lockable fuel cap. The newly designed fuel sensor has no moving parts.

For improved safety and visibility, the air snorkel and shielded exhausted are mounted on the corners of the cab for a clear view open for the operator. Dual panoramic interior rear view mirrors and external side mirrors are standard. Other safety features include overhead rear work lights, forward and reverse activated alarms, as well as safety rails and anti-slip steps. Axle mounted spring-on, hydraulic-off parking brakes, with a brake saver system, prevent the operator from driving through the parking brakes. Pedestrian cameras and monitors are optional.

To facilitate easy maintenance, the TX4 series has a forward tilting cab and a pivoting chassis for access to internal components. A sliding engine hood with swing away doors on both sides provide access to the engine, filters and dipsticks. Brakes are easily serviceable without the need for axle disassembly. Re-set circuit breakers are used throughout the truck instead of conventional fuses. For easy identification, all wiring is colour and number coded. Frame channels ensure clean and protected routing of wiring and hoses.

A frame bar can be placed between the articulated sections for transportation or servicing.

The TXB’s ergonomically designed, uncluttered operator station is one of the most spacious all-steel cabs in the industry. Features include increased leg and head room, an adjustable arm rest and sound insulation. A vinyl or cloth mechanical suspension seat rotates 15° left and 20° right. Air-conditioning is optional.

An adjustable fingertip electric joystick control on the hinge-down instrument panel ensures smooth and precise handling. Steering on a tilt steering wheel is fully hydrostatic. There are two brake pedals – the left pedal controls both brake and inching and the right pedal is for brakes only.

The Taylor range of materials handling equipment is distributed exclusively throughout Africa by BLT SA, which solves materials handling requirements by providing a custom machine design service and the supply of specialised attachments to cope with exact tasks. BLT SA also offers a technical advisory, support and spare parts service.

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