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How to Register with the Engineering Institution of Zambia

The Engineering Institution of Zambia was re-established under the EIZ Act No. 17 of 2010 for the purpose of promoting and regulating the engineering profession. Under regulation it provides for the registration of engineering organizations and regulates their professional conduct.

Key activities of the EIZ include:

  1. Regulating the engineering practice through registration and licensing (compulsory through the EIZ Act)
  2. Providing support for Continuing Professional Development through learning opportunities (conferences, symposia, for a, meetings and workshops etc)
  3. Publishing professional journals and magazines
  4. Providing networks for professionals to meet and discuss their field of expertise
  5. Enforcing a code of Ethics to guide professional behavior
  6. Dealing with complaints against professional’s and implement disciplinary procedures through the Disciplinary Code
  7. Providing career support and opportunities for youths
  8. Accrediting engineering programs

If one would like to apply to be admitted as a Fellow:

A person may, on application to the Institution, be admitted as a Fellow if that person:-

(a) is a Professional Engineer of the Institution or has fulfilled the conditions for such membership;

(b) Has attended an appropriate university, college or school and holds a degree or other   qualification acceptable to the Engineering Council for this class of membership;

(c) at or not more than one year before the time of making his or her application for admission as a Fellow, the applicant is or has been:-

(i) engaged for not less than ten years in a position of superior responsibility in the   administration, design, execution or operation of such important work as in the opinion of the Engineering Council is within the practice of professional engineering or an allied discipline; or

(ii) in practice as a consultant in is or her own account for not less than ten years and has    acquired eminence in the profession; or

(iii) lecturing or teaching at such university, institute or school in such responsible position and for such length of time of not less than ten years; or

(iv) Engaged in research of any approved nature for not less than ten years.

(d) has prepared and presented a Technical Paper at either an Institutional or other recognized event or published a paper in a recognized technical journal.

Their applications forms  can be found on their website

( http://www.eiz.org.zm/)

Dennis Ayemba
Country/ Features Editor, Kenya


  1. I wish to be part of the team of engineers of Zambia.I never had a chance to enter any institution that offer formal training in electrical and electronics.I need advice on how to get started and be certified.

  2. Morning Ladies and Gentle men, am a registered member of Engineering Institute of Zambia and personally, I welcome you all to join us and this is a very positive step you have taken .EIZ is a regulatory board which looks at the plight of it’s members that is individuals and organizations and besides that, it also conducts trainings for it’s members and also advises the government on it’s engineering projects .For those, in Solwezi or northwestern province we can assist you .

  3. I have a level 1 craft certificate in bricklaying and plastering how do I register online looking forward to join your organization

  4. Hi,I did power electrical,(craft)I want to be a registered member of E.I.Z,how can I apply online.

  5. Am a craft man in bricklaying and plastering how can i get an application so that i am registered

  6. I have a level 1 certificate in power electrical, what is it that is needed to get affiliated to the institution?

  7. Hi my name is ephraim I’m a teveta holder certificate and i want to be registered with the EIZ certificate, please guide me on what to do…..based in lusaka

  8. I am a craft certificate holder in brick laying and plastering I want to register with your organization please let me know what to do.

  9. Comment:I hold a Diploma in electrical and electronics engineering under City and Guilds and want to be member of EIZ.Kindly advise me on how to get started.

  10. I have registered as a Trainee craft person last month and I was told to wait for a period of three weks for a certificat to be processed of which I waited more than four weeks. When am I going to collect my certificate? Am in kabwe and I did it from Lusaka head office! Please I need to know before I spend transport money to go there!

  11. I did power electrical way back in 2000, unfortunately I don’t have any paper apart from the attachment forms we got. I have been practicing since then, is there any chance for me to have the license?.

  12. Dear sir
    Applications forms.
    Am an electrician holder of craft certificate. Looking forward to register with your organization.
    Kindling avail me with more info
    Thank you see


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