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National Construction Authority (NCA) in Kenya is geared towards streamlining, overhauling and regulating an industry that has for many years suffered poor legislative framework and been dominated by unqualified persons.

NCA has issued project registration guidelines that apply to all qualified contractors in Kenya.

Download Project Registration Form

Project registration is an important step towards streamlining of the construction industry. Developing a projects register will facilitate planning and maintaining of construction records that makes quality assurance easier and more systematic.

There are three easy steps towards the registration of a project:

1. The applicant fills a project registration form
2. The applicant submits the form with the signed contract document/letter of award/signed agreement form and bill of quantities (BOQ) summary
3. NCA then processes the application within a day

The Authority also aims at facilitating a capacity building culture for the benefit of the industry’s stakeholders and the promotion of best practices of international repute and standard in the local construction industry through its core functions which are;

• To promote and stimulate the development of the construction industry to enable it to meet development aspirations Of Kenya and to facilitate its competitiveness in the region through the exportation of construction services;

• To register and regulate the performance of local and foreign contractors and accredit skilled construction workers and site supervisors;

• To encourage the standardization and improvement of construction techniques and materials;

• To promote and coordinate training programmes in the construction industry organized by accredited public and private training institutions as well as to provide consultancy and advisory services;

• To coordinate research in the construction industry, disseminate research findings and establish a construction industry information system

• To promote quality assurance and develop and publish a code of conduct for the construction industry

Project Registration Customer Care Number;
+254701913723, +254701913140
Kenya Road, Upper Hill, Nairobi, Kenya

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  1. Can anybody register a project via online giving all the requirements and the same gets a compliance without any problem.

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