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Top 10 global building management system companies

The advancement in technology has had a considerable impact on almost every walk of life. Developers and project managers have turned to technology and automation for effective building and project management.  There is a growing number of building management system companies around the world that have cropped up in response to the growing demand for building automation.

What are Building management systems?

Building management systems are control and automation systems used to manage and monitor mechanical, electrical, and electromechanical elements of a building. There are several trends fueling the growing demand for building automation systems. The increased access to smart devices has led to a growth in digital literacy and to demand for integrated building management systems. Below are the top 10 building management systems in the world

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Cisco was founded in 1984 and has its headquarters in the USA. The technology company offers a variety of high-technology products and services, a wide range of networking hardware, and telecommunications equipment. The company offers solutions like building automation, optimized lighting, and Internet of Things (IoT) technology.


Honeywell is a US company that offers commercial and consumer building automation Products. The Company has been in the market since 1906. Honeywell operates through various sections like Home and Building Technologies (HBT), Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies, Safety and Productivity Solutions (SPS), and Honeywell Aerospace.

Honeywell offers building automation products and services like software and controls, building automation systems, commercial combustion controls, construction and maintenance services, and solutions, and security and fire protection services.

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls is also among the top building management systems in the world and specializes in electronics and HVAC equipment for buildings. The company has been in the industry since 1885 and has its headquarters in Ireland. Johnson Controls offers solutions like Power Solutions, Building Efficiency, Automotive Experience, and Global WorkPlace Solutions.

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric was founded in 1836 and has its headquarters in France. Some of the services that the company offers include switches and sockets, building automation, home automation, industrial safety systems, Smart Grid, electric power distribution, critical power & cooling for data centers.

United Technologies

United Technologies was founded in 1934 and has its headquarters in the US. The company mainly focuses on research, developing, and producing products for several industries like HVAC, aircraft engines, building systems, and other industrial products.

Emerson Electric

Emerson Electric has its headquarters in the US and has been in the industry since 1890. The company specializes in manufacturing products and engineering services for industrial, commercial, and consumer markets. The company has key business segments like automation solutions and commercial & residential solutions.


This is a German company founded in 1847. The company offers a variety of automation services like project engineering and construction services, power generation technology, water treatment systems, and industrial and building automation. The company’s building automation products include Desigo, Synco, and GAMMA.

Bajaj Electricals

Bajaj Electricals is an Indian company founded in 1938. The Company specializes in the manufacture of Indian electrical equipment including appliances, fans, LPG based generators, lighting, and luminaires. Bajaj Electricals is actively involved in promoting the adoption of the smart buildings offering real-time control including waste management, lighting, access, HVAC, and video analytics.


Bosch is a German engineering and electronics company found in 1886. The company has several operating segments like energy and building technology, industrial technology, consumer goods, and mobility solutions.

Building Logix

Building Logix offers a wide range of building management solutions including smart building, building energy management, access control & video control, system integration, and other services.  In addition, Building Logix also offers effective building analytics software to help companies use their present infrastructure and produce a better performing environment. The company is also venturing into customized building analytics platforms to help companies achieve cost savings and increased efficient-buildings.

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